Restore Your Sewer Lines With Hydro Jetting for Unclogging Drains

Clear sewer lines make your system in Greensboro, NC flow seamlessly

Remove blockages immediately with hydro jetting. Kennedy's Plumbing Services of Greensboro, NC uses specialized equipment to remove debris and clear blockages in a matter of seconds. This method is more effective and less damaging when compared to traditional chemical formulas. You'll have a perfectly functioning sewer line in no time.

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Why is it a mistake to unclog your own drains?

Why is it a mistake to unclog your own drains?

Some find satisfaction in unclogging their drains. Whether they use snakes or chemical mixtures, they enjoy this process. Unfortunately, unclogging drains yourself causes a host of problems to your sewer lines. Check out a few:

  • Chemical mixtures can ruin your sewer
  • Using a snake could be dangerous
  • Severely clogged drains could release harmful gases

The rule of thumb when it comes to clearing your drains is to call the experts.

Leave the task of unclogging drains to the professionals. Call now to schedule plumbing services in Greensboro, NC.