Avoid Toxic Gas Leaks With a Gas Line Repair

Avoid Toxic Gas Leaks With a Gas Line Repair

Keep your home or office in Greensboro or Jamestown, NC safe

A damaged gas line requires immediate attention. Kennedy's Plumbing Services specializes in gas line repair to keep your home or office in Greensboro, NC or Jamestown, NC safe.

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When should you get a water line repair?

Determining when you need a water line repair is tricky. Paying attention to these important signs could save you from needing expensive repairs down the line:

  • Water accumulation near the main water line
  • A dramatic decrease in water pressure
  • Cracks and damage to your foundation
  • Outrageously high water bills

Paying attention to these signs is the difference between fixing a problem and letting it fester. Take action immediately to avoid further damage.

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